Founded in 2000, ABA is a boutique office, an office of small / medium sized, with a customer-focused service.

ABA is the name for which the society became known and it is a client focused office boutique. It was born from a joint effort between several lawyers who founded it, and people who, either lawyers or not, contributed and contribute in some way to its growth, which is undoubtfully dynamic.

In the present, it states itself as an independent and personalized lawyer society. It is capable to provide its clients with the necessary tranquillity in the defence of their interests. It is guided by the highest standards of ethics and professional rigor.
Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to our clients, treating them with loyalty, understanding their goals and always trying to overcome their expectations.

We invest seriously on personal and professional value of all our employees, and we never forget the necessary investment in new technology, which is more and more a distinctive and improvement factor of the services provided.

We are more than simple legal service providers. We are a true partner to our clients by increasing our mutual capital gains and enrichment.

You can count on us!